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The Best Natural Health Drink

We find a lot of health drinks in the market nowadays. The manufacturers may claim that these provide cures for a host of illnesses and may even cite studies to add credence to their claims. It is not my intention to prove or disprove these claims but only to draw the reader’s attention to the […]


Vegetarianism for Weight Loss ?

There’s a tendency nowadays for people to put on weight. The reasons could be a sedentary lifestyle, wrong choice of foods, etc. Whatever the reason, people who are overweight are looking for ways to solve the problem. Some are turning to vegetarianism to control their weight. There are certain things that one should know about […]



Good health is undoubtedly the most important thing in our life. You can be rolling in money, but if you don’t have good health, you will not be able enjoy life to its fullest. So how does one maintain good health ? According to health experts, you can maintain normal good health with proper nutrition […]